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tu lo que quieres es averiguar nuevas tecnicas pa hacerte mejores fotos con tu pedazo de camara lista :) (Eli)

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que way me necanta la fotografia rox !! xD (Montsy)
Hi there!. I've decided to do this research work about photography world. I think it's an interesting topic (I expect you to think like me) :D I've choosen this topic cause I love photography (although I am not an expert.. ;P) and I want to learn more about this world.. For the moment, that's all.. lot of love!. (:
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Information of my topic (Photography):

- Links:Pequeña información sobre la película "Los Puentes de Madison"Historia de la fotografia.Joseph Nicéphore Niépce
Camara oscura: unos pocos autores.
Little paragraph of the definition of Obscura Camera.

The word Photography comes from the greek wich means: "write the light". It is the science and the art of getting images obtained by action of light. It is a process of capture images and fix them in a sources wich are sensitive to light. The beggining of photography can be traced in 1813 when Joseph Nicéphore Niépce became the first person to take a picture. He taked the first picture of the history in 1825:
The first picture taken in the history.
That picture was taken at a painting belonging to the XVII century. In it appears a man with a horse by his side.One year later, he took the first picture in wich it appears a natural landscape. It is known as: La cour du domaine du Gras.
La cour du domaine du Gras.
Joseph Nicéphore used a machine called: Obscura Camera. It consists to proyect the image wich is captured by a little hole to the surface. In this way, the image size results small and it can increase its clarity. This machine have not an exact inventor. There are some names that stand out as potential inventors: some italians uphold that Gian Battista della Porta invented it. Others defend that was Athanasius Kircher its inventor.. But maybe it is safe to say that the Obscura camera is the final result of contributions from various researchers (Cesare Cesariano, Georugius Fabricus, Gerolamo Cardano, Carl Wilhelm Scheele..).
Obscura camera (Unknown inventor).
From this invention, the photography has evolved a lot, both design and size as optical lenses. The photography procedures used during the XIX century were very different, for example the daguerreotype and the calotype.In 1855 triumph the negative system called "coloidón húmedo", wich permite make a lot of copies in "papel a la albúmena" with great clarity and wide range of tones. Tarea 3: Organización. I can find information on:- Obvious sources: , encyclopedias (in a book or in the internet), Youtube (videos)* Reference tools:- Non obvious sources: on TV (documentaries), films, magazines, panphlets..*Another ideas: Knowledgeable people (about photography). Questions:- What's the photography?- Why did it appear?- Where did it appear?- When did it appear?- How did it evolved?- Who discovered the photography? http://inventors.about.com/od/pstartinventions/a/stilphotography.htm